March 19 at Black Fox

Now that the snow days are (hopefully) receding in our memory, we can get on with the music. Our last show was cancelled in the aftermath of the snow, but we’re back on for Wednesday, March 19, 8 to 11 p.m., at the Black Fox Lounge. By “we” I mean Nick Lipkowski (guitar) and NicoleContinue reading “March 19 at Black Fox”


Good Music and Warm Weather, Feb. 19 at the Black Fox

Here’s the scene outside my house as a write this note. It’s what everyone in the Washington region is seeing, waiting (so we’re told) for yet another layer of snow tonight. The weariness has surely set in, but consider this: the forecast shows that it will be 60 degrees on Wednesday, February 19. Coincidentally, thatContinue reading “Good Music and Warm Weather, Feb. 19 at the Black Fox”

Back to the Black Fox — Thursday, May 2

I’m booked again to play at the Black Fox Lounge, 1723 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington D.C., Thursday, May 2, 8 to 11 p.m. Backing me up once again will be Barry Gurley on piano. This time I’m going to bring my guitar and mix in some of my folk/country repertoire with the jazz standards IContinue reading “Back to the Black Fox — Thursday, May 2”