My Next Gig: IN PERSON at Mr. Henry’s, June 26

 Mr. Henry’s restaurant, at 601 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, D.C., has finally reopened for in-person music performances after about 15 months of quiet in its upstairs space (yay!), and they’ve invited me to come back and perform on Saturday, June 26, 8 to 11 p.m. (yay!). I’m thrilled to once again be singing in the same room with the band — this time Harry Appelman on piano and  Percy White on bass — and with an audience. The virtual concerts were something, but nothing nearly as satisfying — for me and probably for the few who tuned to into listen — as the real thing.

If you’re going, I strongly urge you to make your reservation through this ticketing app. The cost? A mere $10 per person, plus a light processing fee. 

In addition to the music — jazz and other hard-to-label categories of music — you’ll can get food and drinks from the Mr. Henry’s kitchen and bar.

I’ll be sorry not to be able to play to all the people living outside the D.C. area, which was one of the benefits of virtual concerts. But this will be fun and refreshing — at least for me and hopefully for everyone who comes by.

Thanks and I hope to see you there.